Make an Appointment

UPDATE: Due to availability of the vaccine, we cannot schedule any initial-dose appointments at this time. We will do our best to provide the vaccine to all existing appointments, but cannot guarantee that the vaccine will be available.

Appointments for the SECOND dose of the COVID-19 vaccine are available for patients who received their initial dose from MedCenter. A minimum of 28 days must have passed — as written on your vaccine record card — before the second dose can be given. It can be given several months later, so there is no need to come in exactly four weeks after the first dose. Please bring your vaccination record card, government-issued ID, and insurance information with you.

Please note: the appointment time is when you should arrive at the MedCenter. Due to high demand there may be a delay before you can be screened and given the vaccine — we will do our best to speed things along. We will not be able to accommodate those who are late.